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Masana wa Afrika

Masana wa Afrika emerged from The ELMA Foundation's Community Grants Program (ECGP), a legacy of supporting 154 CBOs across Africa between 2012 and 2022. Having the opportunity to contribute to Masana wa Afrika's branding as a consultant for ELMA Philanthropies was an immense privilege.


Beyond Branding

My role extended beyond crafting a strong brand identity. I actively participated in shaping social media strategy, website design, and various communication materials. Witnessing the impact of these efforts in amplifying the remarkable work of CBOs throughout Africa was truly inspiring.

Masana wa Afrika's commitment to empowering CBOs resonates deeply with my belief in the power of community-driven solutions. Seeing the foundation serve as a springboard for these organisations to flourish and create positive change in the lives of countless children was deeply impactful.

Working with Masana wa Afrika solidified my desire to collaborate with purpose-driven organisations even further. I'm eager to leverage my communication expertise to further amplify the voices and efforts of those working tirelessly to make a difference in Africa and beyond.

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